World Gin Day!

Gin it up tomorrow! Are you ready? It’s one of the world’s favourite days, and has been around for 9 years. June 10 is the day we appreciate the art that is gin. 

So you just found out it’s World Gin Day tomorrow and you have no idea what to do about it? Don’t worry, we’re here to save your weekend plans! Musgrave Gin is encouraging gin lovers to raise a glass to the occasion. When one of the most innovative Gin brands in South Africa plans a celebration, you have to comply! Saturday 10 June, head over to Glenda’s in Hyde square Shopping Centre to enjoy the drink we all love.

| Musgrave Pink Gin Mini’s |

All Musgrave wants is for you to sip slow on a good gin cocktail with friends or family! And they’re providing you with a space to do it if you’r not in the mood to drink at home.

You can also WIN with Musgrave Gin. If you’re heading to Glenda’s tomorrow, upload a photo and tag  #MusgraveWorldGinDay #WorldGinDaySA #MusgraveMinis to stand a chance to win 6 of the new release 50ml Musgrave Miniatures!

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