Real love is a new ring every day!

Commitment comes in all shapes and sizes right? Well, if I have to choose a role model for artistic commitment today, it is Ms Leza McLeod!

by Mmachigo Manase

Leza is an amazing and passionate jewellery designer and maker. She owns Elemental Studio, where she manufactures brooches, cufflinks, earrings, bracelets and bangles – and, of course, rings! She is my heroine today, because my heart is still dancing with inspiration since I went to her recent ‘Everyday for a Year’ exhibition at the Liz Loubser gallery in Risidale.

Inspired by Marthe Le Van’s book Ring A Day, Leza embarked on a year-long creative journey, challenging herself to make one ring a day for a year. And she did it! The result being some of the most interesting and gorgeous rings I have ever seen. I am sure she had obstacles to overcome, but there is no doubt that she also had a lot of fun making her wonderful creations. I admire such originality and creativity. I love people who make things!  Most of all though, I have great respect for someone who has so much love for their art and can commit to it this way.

I went to the exhibition with friends and we were in absolute awe of what was on display. Each ring has a special personality, and a name to match. The rings were grouped according to the month they were created in. I joked that you could probably follow how she was feeling in each month based on what she made in it. For example, one of the rings had the word love on one side and hate on the other. Another ring was called Alien. There is even one called Grace. Some rings are wild and wacky, and others are breathtakingly elegant. All are quite reasonably priced.

Of course, I fantasized about buying myself one of her stunning rings every month. One thing sure though: we can trust this woman to make pretty much anything she is commissioned to.  This is what she says: “I pride my self on my level of technical expertise and love interesting and challenging designs. Designs that stretch me both as a craftsperson and as an artist. The more unusual the better. Design inspirations can come from anywhere: a tree, a caterpillar, the garden, shapes in shadows, machine parts… even a line in a poem.”

The only question left then is, what would I do every day for a year? Or, what would you do every day for a year?

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