Oziris: A new Generation Creative

Creation is about a sense of self, this is something that we’ve come to learn through the works of Sinethemba Konzaphi, otherwise known as Oziris

It’s almost impossible to box Oziris in to one form of creation, which is why he and creators like him, are so important to the wold of modern arts. A photographer, MC, director and much more, the artist wears many hats, but carries a strong sense of individuality. He tells us that creating is about about connecting to yourself, that’s where it all begins. Joburg Style gets to know Sinethemba Konziphi, one of the names behind Blahzeblah and a new generation creative on the rise.


How did you come to realise that you wanted to do what you do?

Since I was in primary school when I used to draw cartoons with my friends just to say I’m the dopest in class. We used to play weekly games of comparing our sketches to see who is who. Funny, because this filtered into other areas of our creative activities like rapping in high school, Designing and photography etc. For me I made up my mind when I was in High school doing home-made comic books which my friends wanted to read. At the same time I was around a lot of cats that used to rap every break time, which also became a trend as the kid would drop a few lines that actually made the other kids go woah. So, primary school set the foundation and high school nailed the resolve.

Take us through your process of creation – how do you end up with a finished product that you’re happy with?

nIt begins in the mind for me. Communicating and connecting with the person or a concept before it even manifest. I like to submerge myself in the space so I can get a better feel and understanding so I don’t miss the pivotal moments that make the creation meaningful.

Who /What do you turn to for inspiration?

I am inspired by people and everyday experiences. I believe that each moment in life has a lesson to teach. Each person in life has a lesson to teach. And by not disregarding anything or anyone I stay inspired to do and be more. I believe I’m becoming a better idea communicator because of all the various people and environments that I’ve inhabited and encountered so far. Truthfully speaking, I can’t pin my inspiration to one person, situation or thing as the universe itself is the source of my inspiration.

What is your proudest moment thus far in your creative career?

Being able to meet so many diverse people, exploring and experiencing their worlds.

Who would you say is the proudest of you for continuing to pursue your dreams, and how do you sense their pride?

My Family and friends who are now family.

What do you keep closest to you? 

My iPhone with all the books I’ve bought on it.

How do you keep motivated when it seems the world is against you as a creator?

By staying true and focused on my vision and purpose. Those are  the anchors through all the storms.

As you progress in the industry, what do you find to be your biggest fear?

To be quite honest. I’ve transcended fears as I don’t see the need for them in my life. I’m excited about exploring and getting acquainted with the industry and fear will only serve to hinder me from fully experiencing and growing in it.

What are the pressures you face as a young creative?

Pressure, I’m not too sure about this one too. When you’re creating your own lane and getting to understand it. Things like pressure tend to fade away and seem like nothing but a distant memory.

Complete this sentence: “Young black creatives are…”

….the past, present and future.

What is the one thing you admire about the industry?

It’s ability to shift tides at any given moment. The room and space it allows. The growing narrative of the Black creator.

What is the one thing you would change about the industry?

Gatekeeping, lack of collaborative efforts and “payola” (Muhahahaha)

What message do you have for those who have paved the way for your profession?

I thank you for the road set before me. But I’m here to build my legacy now. I hope you guys understand that it’s my duty to surpass you. Thanks though.

What more can we expect from you this year?

I’ve been working on some beats which I was indifferent about putting out but sawubona. Just might surprise you. I’ve got a documentary I did with some of jozi’s finest musicians for a tour we did in the Eastern Cape.  A few music video projects with my company Blah Ze Blah, for the boys who are part of the stable.

Joburg Style stands behind the creative youth – every week this month we’ll be letting you know who to watch out for in the young creative sphere. Happy Youth Month Joburg!