Levi’s Line 8: Classic & Eclectic

We love a little Levi’s, and for youth month, we’re definitely feeling the inspirations behind the brand’s latest collection. Levi’s Line 8 2017 is androgynous and eclectic, the spirit of today’s youth. 

A new collection has dropped, and it is the epitome of the modern youth, but is accessible for everyone to wear. Levi’s Line 8 collection presents a streetwear-inspired line that is playful, rebellious and androgynous at it’s core. With darker or washed out coloured denims and strong staple pieces like tropical-patterened shirts, Levi’s is doing all the right things with this collection!

What the collection does, is offer a futuristic take on iconic Levi’s styles. Leading with the Type I Trucker Jacket, which features minimal pockets and a squared-off neutral silhouette, Levi’s leverages the power of heritage to build icons for upcoming generations. The idea is an fun melange of classic and eclectic, and there are pieces suit every kind of person.

The Levi’s Line 8 Collection is currently available in stores and is a unique version of the previous Line 8 collections.