Joburg’s best biltong

Our best snack is fast becoming the city’s best snack, and rightly so! Steve’s Biltong in Parkhurst is fresh, spicy and delicious and he’s always got something new for us to try, think pineapple and honey flavoured bacon biltong, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Chewing on a good stick or chunk of biltong is a South African sensation that nobody can quite explain to the rest of the world, and having travelled to the UK and all the way back, Steve Westgate of Steve’s Biltong has cooked up the perfect snack for Parkhurst residents. Having been a butcher for 50 years, Steve has become fond of creating innovative flavours of meat that he can be proud of. “I know I make a good product, and I know people will come back.”

And come back they do! Steve’s Biltong has done an outstanding job business-wise, making a turn-over in a short amount of time. However, aside from the finance and admin of it all, the business is a labour of love. “It keeps me busy and I love it!” says Steve. The most popular order, Steve tells us, is the delicious garlic and chilli biltong, which also happens to be the business owner’s personal favourite and is, as he puts it, “famous in Parkhurst.”

Steves’s Biltong started out producing 30-40 kg of biltong a week, and now turns out almost 340kg a week.

For more information, have a look at their Facebook page.