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Mintaka leather bags

One of a woman’s basic necessities is a great handbag – we’ve found some beautiful, fashionable bags to add to your accessories wardrobe.

fashionable blue leather handbag


Mintaka is a newly launched luxury leather brand that has become part of the Vermont Leathercraft stable. The company has gained a reputation for quality handbags, belts and travel accessories as well as other bespoke products.

ladies red leather handbag

“Mintaka is the first branded collection of bags that we are manufacturing under the Vermont name for ourselves,” says the company’s Marketing Manager, Vanessa O’Donoghue. “Our statement pieces help to complete any look, and all our quality products are a must-have. Mintaka was designed to be a true classic.”

colourful leather wallets

Created from genuine ostrich leather and other high quality local leathers, this first Mintaka collection features a number of statement pieces that are must-haves for any fashionista. They include essentials to be worn every day as well as special bags that are ideal for eveningwear.

leather bags by Mintaka


Take a look at some of the stylish luxury products in the new range.

brown leather satchel