Autumn Dining at AtholPlace

With a new chef comes an exciting and delectable Autumn menu. AtholPlace have recently appointed  Chef Willie Malherbe’s as their Executive Chef, and his Autumn Menu is a creative delight.  The restaurant’s lunch menu, designed with the quick corporate lunch breakaway in mind, showcases simple cuisine with scrumptious and light dishes. Before the season ends, make

Anthony Bila: The Photographer, The Artist, The Expressionist

Having a casual chat with photographer, Anthony Bila, is not just an interview, it’s the experience of seeing the world through his mind’s eye. We sat down with him to find out all about his current collaboration with The Singleton.   There’s a bizarre preconception that we’ve accepted, that you have to be a person

Hollard JUMA & JURA: Are you ready?

You’ve seen it trend on Twitter and take over the city, well, we’ve got the details on the Hollard JUMA and JURA initiatives. Get your wheels and your ten toes ready for this weekend! The Hollard Jozi Urban Mountain Bike Adventure (JUMA) and Jozi Urban Run Adventure are taking place this weekend on 28 and

Here’s to Whisky!

Here’s to Whisky! Although World Whisky day was on Saturday, we’re still in the whisky spirit! So until our Whisky competition ends on 24 May, we’ll be bringing you a few doses of Whisky. Today, we’re giving you a throwback of our favorite recipe in our St Patrick’s Day whisky tribute. This recipe is a hit

Whisky Day: Black Bottle Cocktails

In honour of World Whisky Day, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve. Here’s one of those tricks: a fresh take on Whisky cocktails… infused with tea! Try one of them out this Whisky Day! And don’t forget to enter our competition to win 2 bottles of Black Bottle Whisky! Gordon Graham’s Old Fashioned Taking

The Fire & Feast Butcher’s Festival

Are you ready for Grade A attractions? The first of it’s kind, the Fire & Feast festival is sure to fire up this cold weather, in the best way possible! Next weekend make sure you’re ready for a world class experience at the Fire & Feast butcher’s Festival. The best butchers in the country will

Win this Whisky Day!

It’s World Whisky Day on 20 May, so Black Bottle is helping us celebrate! The three Graham brothers, who began distilling Black Bottle whisky in Aberdeen back in 1879, got their first taste of success by blending teas. However, their true passion lay elsewhere so they turned their talents to a different drink – whisky.

Salvatore Ferragamo Reinvented

The perfect shopping experience always includes the perfect shoe… and maybe a handbag for a little extra perfection. Last week, luxury shoe and accessories brand, Salvatore Ferragamo responded to the call for the quintessential spot to shop for the perfect shoe by opening it’s renovated flagship store in Sandton. While there was a red carpet,

Make Breakfast a PARTY!

Tweets, posts, trends and Instagrams spoke of nothing but a certain #NutridayBreakfastParty not so long ago, and it’s all about you and your breakfast!  We were at the Nutriday Breakfast Party and we can tell you now, Nutriday made Breakfast something to celebrate! We all know the old saying that “Breakfast is the most important

All About EKTA

There’s the earth as we all see it: it’s round, contains living beings and is plagued by globalisation and conflict. Then there’s the earth that Ekta Kalan sees: it’s tranquil, joyous and unified in it’s diversity. This is the earth Ekta sees for us all. As a designer, her plan is not only to make

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